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       The day after Karaga, the 11th day of the festival Vasanthotsava is celebrated. This is to rejoice the successful completion of Karaga.This is the day for celebration with fun and games. People of the community congregate in the temple premises.

A huge pot filled with turmeric water is palced on one side. Coconut with the husk is tied with few tamarind branches and is hung from a rope. the rope is placed on a rod high above and the other end is held by the elders of the community. The game starts of with the youngsters carriying a stick trying to hit the coconut and break it. The elders on the other hand try to prevent it by continuously moving the rope out of their reach and they also dump the turmeric water on the youth. This is real fun time but the aim is to win and hence the people are required to have strength, concentration, sharp senses and the will to win.

There are lots of other similar games played on the day. Another such game is when people are blindfolded and made to stand by a side. then a coconut is rolled towards the. the participants have to detect the coconut and hit it with their wooden sticks.A day filled with fun and frolic is what Vasanthotsava is all about.