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        The festival starts of with Dwajarohana which means flag hoisting. The Yellow flag is hoisted inside the temple courtyard and then the celebration’s start off. For the success of the festival the Ganacharis, Gantepoojaris,Veerakumara’s and the karaga bearer tie Kankana (Sacred thread) on the flag pole and on themselves. From then on various celebrations like "Madivanthike", "Punya Snana", "Aarathi", "Pongalu Sevai", "Hasi Karaga", "Petai Karaga" and "Gauseve" take place.The flag is hoisted on a bamboo flag pole. The Thiglas of Jeraganahalli provide bamboo for the flag pole.

        On the day of flag hoisting around 10 P.M a procession is organised and the temple idols are taken. The Pothraja family of the Thigala community will be the flag bearer and bring the flag to the temple in the procession. After this the committe members including Yajamanas, Gowdas and the devotees take a procession to the houses of Veerakumaras and others, complete the worship rituals of their homes and bring them to the temple.

Once the procession enters the temple the "Kula Purohitha" performs "Punya Homa" (A Hindu ritual) then Kankana (Scared Thread) is tied to the flag pole and poojas are performed. The triangle shaped yellow flag is then hoisted.

This entire celebration is called 'Dwajarohana'.