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Here is an effort to present the history behind the Karaga Shakthiotsava, which is intertwined with the culture of Karnataka. This nine day festival an integral part of Bangalore, draws devotees from all walks of life from different parts of the state. This website also attempts at narrating the history of the Vannikula Kshatriyas.

I am thankful for all the photograph and matter used in the site provided by the Secretary and Board of Director of Vannikula Kshatriya (Thigala) Veerakumarara Sanga.

I am also thankful to Phy. M.Jayaram of Lokaika Veerapartha Vyayama Shala of Thigalarpettai.

I am deeply indebted to K.Lakshman the author of the book 'Thigala Janagadha Ithihaasa Mathu Karaga Shakthiotsava' (ie History of Thigalas and The Karaga Festival) from which I have drawn references.

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