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                                                  Aarathi Utsava.

                                   The sixth day of the festival is Aarathi Utsava.

The women and children play a large role on this day. The idol of Pothraja and a Trishul is carried along in the procession.Carrying the Trishul during the procession marks the entire area as sacred. Pooja’s are performed to the Trishul by various members during the procession.

       On this day Sticks with Jasmine &  Kankambar flower are fixed to rice & Jaggery cake and placed in a vessel which decorated with flowers. Inside the vessel a lamp is placed. This is then carried on the heads by the womenfolk to the temple. Also on this day youth trained at "Phyilmann Annayappa Garadi" and "Kunjahna Garadi" (GYMs) bring along their weaponary and hold an exibition of martial arts like "Kathi Varasi", "Kolu Varasi" and "Benki Chandina Pradharshana" and other such ancient warfare arts at the temple.

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